Trolls World Tour: Morp Edition

Glitter and Dancing, What More Do You Need?


Trolls from lands fluffy and warm or dark and cold and the clashing of music and lifestyle was the main premise of the movie Trolls World Tour, and it can accurately depict the ASB hosted dance known as Morp.

   Morp spells Prom backwards, and the attire was casual rather than formal, like an event such as prom. Hair was glittered, students wore bright clothes or dark, representing the multitude of trolls who may have all looked different, but who all loved to dance.

   The event was a small gathering, but the “trolls” who came happily danced the night away. Disco balls, streamers, cornhole, guitars, glitter, flowers, and more glitter surrounded the area behind the science building, setting the stage for a night of hip-hop, pop, and rock and roll.

   Lights flashed rapidly on beat, music kept streaming, and the feeling of dancing like nobody’s watching set in. Dances don’t need fancy gadgets or things to make it fun. Glitter and dancing,what more do you need?

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