The Portrait That Sums Up High School

How to Make Sure Your Senior Portrait is Perfect

   Senior year is a big deal. It marks the end of an academic journey for some and the beginning of a college adventure for others. No matter what your senior year marks, it is important to remember it and the rest of your high school years and nothing encapsulates that better than a senior portrait.

   A lot goes into senior portraits and you want to make sure you get everything right. The first thing to consider for your senior portrait is a photographer. What’s their style, their experience, and availability.

   Next, you want to figure out the background and props. This is super important because you want your senior portrait to symbolize you. Whether it’s your achievements or hobbies, find props that go along with you. Quarterback? Then a football helmet would be the perfect addition. Love to read? A pile of books would be the perfect prop. 

   Finally the outfit. Just like the props you want something that speaks to you and says something about you. Remember you want everything to be taken into consideration to make your senior portrait reflect you because it is a celebration of you!

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