Artistic Ankles

Shoes, Shins, and Everything in Between

Ryan Hutchins (12) 

Well worn-in Doc Martens and brown corduroy pants are telltale signs that someone knows their way around a thrift store. Their eye for fashion knows no bounds: for some, there is no item that can’t be styled and no style that can’t be mastered.  They’re straight out of the 70s, but also ahead of our time.

Jordan Vanderhoek (11) 

Beat up combat boots and cut off Carhartt pants can be a dangerous combo – and can give you a good idea what their wearer is like. Punk, counterculture, and rebellious tendencies are bursting at the seams of this one. It’s rugged, but meticulous; there is nothing that this outfit can’t endure

Jesse Tinoco (11) 

Black Cat Jordan 4’s and black nylon pants may come off as unassuming to most, but would undoubtedly have your local sneakerhead drooling. The black on black look is timeless, and can be sported anywhere from urban streets to the red carpet. Once you discover the cost of their shoes, you might wonder what other secrets this person is guarding.

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