1,3,5,7 Compete!

Get Your Pom Poms Together For Cheer

   Cheer has an upcoming competition, on May 6. We are wishing them luck and are so excited to see them shine. Cheer has been preparing for their competition for two months and we can’t wait to see how they do. Cheer has so many talented Vanguards; they never fail to amaze us!

Frontline: “How are you feeling about the upcoming cheer competitions?”

Lily Capra: “I’m excited because we haven’t competed in a longtime, so it’s new to most of the team.”

FL: “How does cheer prepare for the competitions?”

LC: “We have practice every day, except Friday, and we run our routine.”

FL: “How do you personally prepare for the cheer competition?”.,

LC: “I try to not focus on outside distraction and metally prepare for the competition.”
FL: “Do you think cheer is ready?”

LC: “Yes! we are definitely ready.”

FL: “What do you think cheer needs to improve?”

LC: “working together and getting the feel of performing in front of a lot of people.”

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