Nailed It!

Spring Has Sprung So Make Your Fingers Fun

Nailed It!

   You’ve changed your hair, your clothes, your playlist, and your perfume, yet your fingers are still caught in the dreary cold days of winter. Spruce up your nails this season with designs that bloom like tulips!

   First, take into account the colors of spring to inspire your new nail designs. Invest in some light green, pink, yellow, and lavender nail polishes to have the magic of spring at your fingertips.

   When it’s time to paint, start with light green or pink as the base color and then use yellow and lavender to draw flowers in the center of each nail or wavy lines crossing each diagonally. This can be done regardless of nail length; no need to waste your spring season trying to grow out super long nails.

   You can always buy acrylic nails that already have flowery designs on them, but to really be creative you should use the festive nail polishes and your artistic skills to show off your spring colors!

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