Gaming for College

Can You Get a Scholarship Just by Gaming?


   Esports, short for electronic sports, have existed since the late seventies and early eighties beginning with the first Space Invaders competition. Since then video games have only grown in popularity and so have Esports. Now Esports is much more popular than its Space Invaders beginning with over 25 million people viewing it in the United States alone in 2018.

   Despite its immense and growing popularity, a debate over Esports’ claim to being a “real sport” still rages on. This has not stopped colleges from offering scholarships for gamers who excel in a variety of games. Those who excel in games like League of Legends, Rocket League, Street Fighter, and more are all desirable.

   A majority of the Esports scholarships are partial, although colleges are beginning to offer full-tuition scholarships, such as Harrisburg University. Colleges that have their own Esports teams do not mess around when it comes to recruitment. Like traditional sports, college coaches monitor gaming tournaments and look over evaluating those who apply. If you’re an aspiring Esport competitor, then you only have better prospects ahead as Esports grows in popularity, so will the scholarships.

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