Flower Power

Your Guide to the Perfect Spring Scent



  1. “You” by Glossier

You exists in the perfect balance between feminine and masculine in its scent that combines a floral and woodsy presence. Its primary iris flower scent blends itself into each unique person which brings out the warm and sweet natural scent and settles to make the glowy scent that is uniquely you. 

  1. “Daisy Love” by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Love is the perfect scent that nicely captures the floral and light notes of spring. With berry, daisy, and cashmere the scent is sweet and refreshing and stays with you all day; it is reminiscent of a spring breeze. 

  1. “Perfect” by Marc Jacobs 

Perfect is “perfect” for spring nights with notes of daffodil, jasmine, and sandalwood. It takes a less floral and more sweet approach to spring scents with its bright and glowy feeling. 

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