Some Serious, Serious Snubs

Seriously, How did these albums not win?

   Taylor Swift’s most iconic album, Reputation, was nominated for the least amount of Grammys since her debut album, Taylor Swift. Despite it being the best selling album by a female artist in 2017, it wasn’t nominated in the Album of the Year category. Swift has her fair share of Grammys, but Reputation was truly deserving and awfully snubbed of its Grammy.

   Just shy of a month ago, Whole Lotta Red by Playboi Carti was brutally robbed by the Grammys of its well deserved Best Rap Album award. Despite promptly reaching No. 1 on the Billboard top charts, selling over 100,000 units, and single-handedly pioneering a punk-influenced subgenre of underground rap, the album was shamefully not even considered.

   The infamous 2014 Grammys still contains one of the most controversial wins in the history of this award. Macklemore’s The Heist won the Grammy over Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City. This album is considered one of the most accomplished records of all time, and this win appalled everyone, even Macklemore himself believed Lamar deserved the award.

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