Earth Day and Thrifting!

Let’s Make Everyday Earth Day… But This Year It Was April 22nd

Earth day is very important to motivate people to help take care of our lovely planet. Many of us take our planet for granted, and all the wonderful things it has to offer. We even forget to do the little things that help keep our planet clean, like; reuse, reduce and recycle, things we learned in third grade. So why are we doing them? If we keep our bad behavors, our planet won’t last very long. We, humans, are the biggest enemy to our planet. However, we can do a lot to help. We can cut down the waste, conserve water, plant trees, and go thrifting. 

   In honor of Earth day, Frontline had our first thrift store swap. Students were given the option to bring up to 10 items to swap before school, and shop during lunch, or bring in the clothes after school and shop. This helps keep our planet clean by avoiding having clothes thrown away in landfills. Having clothes thrown in landfills increases carbon and chemical pollution. This is why thrift shops are so important to help reduce waste, and why we are so proud to be able to have our own thrift shop this year. 

   It’s so important to take care of our Earth because we want it to last for many more years, so that future generations can enjoy all the lovely things we enjoy. 

   Global warming has also been a problem these past few years; I don’t think many of us realize how big of a problem global warming is. Global warming has caused loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves. This puts a lot of wildlife at risk. If we all recycle, use less hot water and adjust our thermostat, we can help stop global warming. If we don’t do what we can to help our planet, then we won’t have one for much longer. 

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