The Reality of College Life

Many Students Go to College Thinking It’s All Sunshine And Rainbows, But Is It Really?!

Many Students Go to College Thinking It’s All Sunshine And Rainbows, But Is It Really?!

Jimena Ramirez

Staff Writer 

College can be stressful, especially as a freshman when you have to be independent. You have a lot of pressure to grow up and pick a career. Many college students experienced a huge amount of stress their freshman year. They want to pick a career that you’ll love, but finding one isn’t as easy as it sounds. They worry about a lifetime commitment. It’s also hard for college students to find that school and social life balance. With all the loads of homework they get, it’s hard to have a social life and enjoy themselves. But there are also great things about college, like having the freedom to your education. 

Frontline: “What did you think college was going to be like?”

Tania Ramirez: “I thought it was going to be super hard, but  it’s not hard if you believe in what you’re doing.”

FL: “What is college actually like?”

TR: “You’re more on your own, more independent.”

FL: “Is college actually stressful?”
TR: “Yes! because you put a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed.”

FL: “Did you expect it to be this  stressful?”

TR: “I thought it was going to be more stressful.”
FL: “Could you say that you have time for yourself and your studies?”
TR: “Yes. I’m just a freshmen, but yes I do, it’s all about time management,”
FL: “What’s the best part of college?”
TR:  “Gaining more knowledge, and having the freedom to choose your own path.”
FL: “What’s the worst part of college?”

TR: “Finding time management. At times I’m good at it, but at times I procrastinate and am overloaded with homework”
FL: “Has college messed with your mental health?”
TR:  “Yes, you have to hurry up to pick a career and seeing people advance and you feel like you’re behind,”


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