“I am Vengeance.”

Go see Batman Now!

 Batman is a great movie! It had me on the edge of my seat. The highlight of the movie was the first fight between Selina (catwoman) and Batman. It showed a certain chemistry between the two. 

   Robert Pattinson did a great job playing Batman/Bruce Wayne in this new film. Batman is a vigilante, who protects his city from criminals. Batman has no superpowers, but relies on his strength. No one knows, except Alfred, Knows Batman’s real identity, it’s the best kept secret. Bruce Wayne, is portrayed as a millionaire whose both parents died and is a target for the Riddler. Let’s say behind every superhero there’s a millionaire in mortal danger. 

   Selina is trying to protect her friend from the Riddler, for she is the Riddler’s next victim. In doing so she encounters Batman, who, like her, is trying to find the Riddler. The epic duo teams up to fight against evil. Although Batman never reveals his true identity to Selina, they work together to save Gotham. 

   Grab your friends and go see what all the hype is about with the new Batman.


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