Dorm Essentials You Should Essentially Get

Essential Things You Should Get For Your Dorm

Mini Fridge: A Mini Fridge is all you can ask for; it’s a fridge but small. Obviously you wouldn’t put food and stuff you would cook with but you can put drinks and snacks in it. It would be by your TV or computer. It’s just a nice thing to have when working or relaxing.


Shower Caddy (Dorm): A Dorm Shower Caddy is a waterproof bag that you could use if your college has public showers. It carries your soap, shampoo, conditioner, you name it. You can keep it anywhere and use it as a basic storage for your stuff. No more struggling of having to carry all your stuff to the showers or using the dreaded public soap.


Ninja Foodi Deluxe: A Ninja Foodi Deluxe is a top of the line air fryer. It’s an easy way to quickly cook the foods you love, along with making new ones. You always hear people talking about their Air Fryer and how people don’t have one. Don’t be someone who doesn’t have one and make cooking easier.

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