Donda 2

Kanye’s New Album is Worth A Listen

The song from Donda 2, “Security,” was just a repeat of the same words over and over again. Although, I have to admit it’s a good song, definitely worth a listen. 

   The second song from Kanye’s album, “Lift me up,” talks about how he has changed and has been through a lot and is looking to God for guidance. He’s telling God to lift him up. It’s more of a spiritual song. 

    “Get lost” is a song about how Kayne feels lost at times and his memories from the past are sometimes too traumatic for him. 

   “Pablo” is a great song to listen to if you are in the mood to dance. This song will definitely cause you to dance. 

   “True love” is a song about how he thought that it was true love but realized that what he and his lover had wasn’t true love. They both thought they would be in love forever. It will definitely get some emotions running.

   “Broken road” is a song about how he found himself and is finally free. He feels like he’s the only real person out there. 

   “Too easy” is a song about how he doesn’t feel loved and he doesn’t even love himself. He just wants to be loved. This song is more of an instrumental song. 

   “First time in a long time” is a song about how Jesus finally freed him and he can finally breathe and see clearly. 

   These are only some of the songs on Donda 2. Overall, Donda 2 is a great album. With 22 songs to choose from, Kanye definitely put a lot of thought into this album.

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