Meet Our Principal

An Exclusive Interview With El Mo’s Very Own Interim Principal


Frontline: How long have you been working in education? 

Mrs.Preciado: I have worked for 22 years in OUSD, but 25 years in education as a whole. 

FL: Where did you go to college? 

Mrs.Preciado: I’ve been to a few, but my degree is from Cal State Fullerton and my Masters is from Cal State Fullerton. I am working on a doctorate from San Diego State University in Education Leadership. 

FL: What would you like the students of El Modena to know? 

Mrs.Preciado: I would want them to know that it’s important that they find something to connect with here at the school. I would want them to find something that they can identify themselves with, or at least find a passion here. If they can’t, then keep trying. 

FL: Is there anything you are excited about for El Modena? 

Mrs.Preciado: There’s a lot of stuff that’s going on that’s great right now, we have all the new buildings, that’s pretty cool. We’re hoping that the pool will be open in late April, so that’s exciting. There’s a lot of really cool things happening, a lot of busy stuff, there’s a lot to do right now, but it’s all positive things that are happening. It’s a really exciting time to be a Vanguard. 

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