Spring into Summer

Your Perfect Warm Weather Soundtrack


   As temperatures rise, flowers bloom, and beach crowds grow, we make room for the infamous California summer. Part of this preparation includes crafting the perfect warm weather playlist, a soundtrack for anything from early morning road trips to late night bonfires. 

“Itchin’ on a Photograph”- Grouplove

“Colours”- Grouplove

“Sundown Syndrome”- Tame Impala 

“Anna Sun”- Walk the Moon

“Do You Love Someone?”- Grouplove

“Standing in the Sun”- Grouplove

“Surfing in the Sky”- The Vaccines

“On Your Mind”- White Reaper

“Soma”- The Strokes

“Eternal Summer”- The Strokes

“California”- Lorde

“New Religion”- The Heydaze

“Favorite Liar”- The Wrecks

“Gaslighter”- The Chicks 

“The World at Large”- Modest Mouse

“Flashed Junk Mind”- Milky Chance

   The first track on the playlist “Itchin’ on a Photograph” truly sets the tone for the euphoric feelings of the playlist that follows. Grouplove captures the true feelings of windows down, sun in your eyes, and hair in your face with “Itchin’ on a Photograph.”

   As the playlist moves along we reach “Sundown Syndrome ” which takes a more laid back approach to the feelings of summer and acts more as a soundtrack than the main component to the warm moments. 

   “New Religion” captures the listener with its high tempo and catchy lyrics. It does what any good song should do; make you scream the lyrics instead of singing.  

   “California” on the ultimate spring and summer album Solar Power by Lorde captures the liadback and sunny feeling of California’s best season. 

   “Favorite Liar” has been on my summer soundtrack for many years now; it is truly the perfect summer song to scream along to. 

   The playlist ends on “Flashed Junk Mind” by Milky Chance, another band that captures the feelings of summer. “Flashed Junk Mind” captures the feelings of summer breeze and glowy sunsets. It has been on my summer playlist for many summers now and a song I could never get sick of. 

   To listen to your soundtrack for Spring into Summer scan the barcode below.


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