Ukraine versus Russia Explained

A Modern Summary and Timeline of the War in Eurasia


  Though the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is a global issue that nearly everyone has heard about by now, it can be difficult to keep up with the many details and factors that are unraveling daily.

   After starting his invasion by lining up a large and threatening amount of troops at the Russia-Ukraine border, Russian president Vladimir Putin then began making preposterous demands to NATO and its allied countries, attempting to weaken their strength around Russian borders. Under his command, Russian forces proceeded to encroach upon the Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv.

   In an attempt to defend against the Russian attacks, the Ukrainian government urged  its civilians to take arms. Many volunteered to create barricades or molotov cocktails.

   Unfortunately, Russian forces continued to relentlessly attack major cities, airports, hospitals, and homes in acts of shelling: a brutal and constant bombardment of one’s enemy. Shelling is often messy, unnecessary, and barbaric, destroying the lives of civilians more than anything else. 

   On top of this, Russia and Ukraine have negotiated and agreed to ceasefires and truces- all of which have been seemingly disregarded by Putin.

   Militarial imperialism to this degree is something that the modern world has not faced in a very long time. With thousands of soldiers already dead on both sides, and civilian casualties skyrocketing by the day, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Russian onslaught was born out of greed and greed only.

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