Men’s Beauty Products

Putting Beauty to use, and Becoming a Pretty Man

   Tyler, the Creator’s Nail Polish Line: 

With inclusivity at the forefront of Tyler’s mind when it comes to beauty, he released a nail polish line to be worn by everyone, exemplified by showcase photos including hands of every skin tone and age.

   Part of his brand, Golf le Fleur, Tyler’s released two colors, geneva blue and georgia peach, as well as a glitter top coat to finish these gentle colors. These products join other nail polishes created by male celebrities Such as Lil Yachty or Harry Styles.

   Tyler strives for inclusivity, and these polishes offer a way for cis men to break into this expressionism void of slander for their choices from toxically masculine peers. No doubt Tyler himself is a worthy figurehead to champion this push for male beauty products.

Concealer Pens: 

   As men’s skincare routines and heavier grooming become more common the gates have opened for mainstream use of makeup on men, and an easy first step is concealer. Products like concealer pens have made the process easier than ever before.

   Looking and feeling your best shouldn’t be a gendered issue, and more people are realizing that as we now know that male celebrities use makeup all the time. Some notable brands aimed at men in the makeup industry are GLOSSYBOX, War paint for men, and shakeup cosmetics.

   Hopefully going forward more men feel comfortable wearing makeup and other beauty products everyday, to look and feel their best. 

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