The College Application Process

A Firsthand Account of Applying to College

As our Senior Class of 2022 inches closer and closer towards graduation, everything and anything to do with college inevitably comes up in conversation. One major college topic is the topic of the application process.

  The application process can be daunting. But, as a senior who has applied to college, I can help reduce some of the confusion surrounding the application process. When applying to SCC, the first thing to do is to speak to your counselor about your college plan. 

   Once you’ve spoken to your counselor, you then fill out the FAFSA form and list SCC as a college of interest. Next, you create an account through SCC’s website and fill out an application dedicated to high school students using your transcript. 

    After applying, you receive an email declaring whether or not you’ve been accepted. If admitted, you may enroll into classes and speak to an SCC counselor when the time comes. When it comes to UCs/CSUs, fellow senior Desiree Valencia offered her experience.

    Valencia says that the process was “super easy for me.” She first filled out FAFSA with her father, then she filled out each of the schools’ applications, and finally thoroughly rechecked the information before hitting submit. Valencia reports that the most worrying part of the process was making sure all the information was correct.

Applying to college can seem like a terrifying task to take on. But, with proper research applying to college can be made into a much smoother process.

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