Neuralink & The Metaverse

Humans are in the Midst of Two Inventions That Will Soon Become Household Words


What if you could access the Internet, text, make calls, and everything else you do with your phone, but all within your mind? While this may only seem possible in some far-future sci-fi film, this technology is in the works right now. Founded in 2016 by Elon Musk, Neuralink incorporates neuroscience and robotics to make these possibilities a reality.

The company is currently working on engineering a chip that will be installed in the brain that will help those with paralysis complete simple tasks, like using their phone, without physical movement. Neuralink recently achieved success when it enabled a monkey to use a computer without its hands.

Musk has no intention of stopping at helping the paralyzed. He is hoping that everyone will have a Neuralink chip, as he sees it as a way to advance the human race, a step forward in our evolution. And by the looks of it, we won’t have to wait too long.

In yet another act of the future coming into our lives rather quickly, the Metaverse presents a whole new realm.

The Metaverse, however, is not a definite and perceptible realm; it is rather an ever-evolving new way to fully utilize technology and the Internet.

Most importantly, the Metaverse can best be described as a digital parallel to real life experiences. With significant advances in virtual reality capabilities, and of course NFTs and cryptocurrency becoming more widely understood, the Metaverse encompasses your own, personal, digital life that will be uniform almost anywhere you take it. You will be able to customize how you look and replicate your real-life self, organize parties or game nights with your friends, or buy and sell unique, 1-of-1 items within this digital economy.

Of course, such an ambitious digital leap doesn’t come without skeptics. For many that have watched Black Mirror or Ready Player One, it seems like the Metaverse is quite possibly the catalyst for society’s collective, dystopian downfall. Only time will tell.

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