Dancing With the Teachers

Elegance, Nostalgia, and Pure Fun Personified

 El Modena’s nearly annual dance competition between teachers, and their VDC assistants, had a decisive climax Friday night on January 21st. The eight dances performed by teachers began and ended with dances by VDC to get us ready, and finish the night’s excitement.

   The roster of judges deciding the fate of these performances consisted of Mrs. Gillen, the theater teacher, Mr. Olquin, one of our history teachers, and Mrs. Rivera, the ASB teacher. Each of these judges brought unique points to the table and came to a concrete decision.

  Our winners this year were… Dr. Chapman in 3rd! Mrs. Anderson in 2nd! And, drum roll please… MRS. SOLIS AS OUR 2022 WINNER! Unanimously agreed on, this graceful display wowed judges and audience alike.   

   Mrs. Solis’s dance was choreographed by Clara Buor and Isabella “Bruno” Hernandez, featuring graceful moves that seamlessly flowed along with “Singing in the Rain” from the American musical of the same name. Solis, with the aid of Clara, Bruno, and a small umbrella, performed perfectly to win this prestigious award.

   The dances from our runner ups were near equally as stunning, Mrs. Anderson in “Science Rules” by Eliana Lipson and Sydney Robinson was fun and poppy, consisting of multiple science based parodies of popular songs.

   Dr. Chapman’s dance, “Get the Party Started ” was preppy, and schoolgirl themed. Chapman came on stage donning a scholarly robe and sitting in a desk. The choreographers, Amya Barczyszyn and Allison Martinez, wore prep school uniforms to accompany her. The dance itself was modern and perfect for a teenage audience of tiktok addicts.

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