Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai With A New Kick Off 4th Season

Cobra Kai, first released May 2, 2018 has had its long awaited 4th season. For those who don’t know, Cobra Kai is a spin off version of The Karate Kid where it focuses on Johnny Lawerence, Daniel LaRusso “The Karate Kid’s,” old bully. Johnny opens a new dojo named Cobra Kai, and seeks redemption. Cobra Kai now has 4 seasons and a total of 40 whole episodes. Each season has 10 episodes and is keeping it consistant. Cobra Kai is a Netflix exclusive series along with many others, like Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy, The Queen’s Gambit, Arcane, Squid Game, and Lost in Space. Like all those shows, Cobra Kai is a really good binge worthy show and isn’t just a bad spin off. I would say, without spoiling it, this season will be just as great as the others, and hopefully there will be more seasons to come.

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