The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Sweet

How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries.


  1. 20 stemmed strawberries washed and dried well
  2. 6 oz. of semi sweet chocolate chunks
  3. 3 oz of white chocolate chunks. 

   Step 1: Find 2 separate microwave safe bowls, one for the white chocolate and one for the semi sweet chocolate. Put each bowl in the microwave for 1 minute then stir the chocolate to further melt the chunks and put it back in the microwave for an additional minute. Repeat this for both the white and the semi sweet chocolate.

   Step 2: Grab a sheet pan and line it with waxed or parchment paper. Hold the strawberry by the stem and dip it into the semi sweet chocolate. Allow the excess chocolate to drip back into the bowl before placing onto the lined sheet pan. Repeat for all 20 strawberries. Once all the strawberries are dipped, take a fork and dip it in the white chocolate. Drizzle the white chocolate over the strawberries. 

   Step 3: Set the dipped and drizzled strawberries in the fridge until hardened. 

   Step 4: Enjoy!

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