Exceptional Aromas

The Secret to Smelling Your Best Wherever You Go

With Valentine’s day coming up and plenty of date nights right around the corner, there are a handful of things you can do to make the special occasion go your way. Because nobody (and I mean nobody) wants to share an intimate moment with someone that smells repulsive, it may be in your best interest to pick up a cologne to make your signature scent for a while. There’s plenty of scents out there to fit your preference, but a great, underrated choice is ‘By the Fireplace’,  by Maison Margiela: REPLICA. It’s perfect for encapsulating the maturity you’ll need for a special night like Valentine’s day, and will undoubtedly make your date head over heels. A few sprays will leave you smelling like a cozy fireplace, a warm old library, or a revitalizing, snowed-in morning away from the city.


   A similar type of scent can be found in Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. You may need to have a learned appreciation of the scent, but if you love it, you love it. Perfect for a date or just everyday wear, this understated scent will have you smelling like the most sophisticated blend of nuts, leaves, and roasting firewood that you could imagine. Unfortunately, as with many coveted designer colognes, Tobacco Vanille may put a noticeable dent in your budget. Thankfully, this scent takes little to go a long way, thanks to the availability of an ‘Eau de Parfum’ variant. This option has a higher concentration of oil, meaning only a small mist can last you a pleasant amount of time. Use with caution; applying too much may soon have you clawing away lustful admirers.


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