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The Supplements to your Life that You Didn’t Know were Missing

   One surefire way to passively increase your mood is to have a candle around you. While it’s easy to forget about candles, their aromas are a complete game changer. They can subtly enhance any ambiance, and provide a sense of comfort without being too distracting. In my personal experience, rooms always benefit from oaky, mature scents that emanate warmth and coziness. If you prefer to emulate enjoying a fireplace, consider picking up  a wood-wicked candle that softly crackles as it burns. For a slightly more potent scent, you might gravitate more towards lighting incense instead – of course, both can be serious fire hazards, so enjoy cautiously.
REPLICA By The Fireplace | Maison Margiela
It’s no secret that your face is the most prominent and delicate part of your appearance, and that protecting it is a given. For people that have no experience though, it can be overwhelming. Skin care kits are a great way to dive into this practice, and there’s a variety of affordable and versatile options. A great choice around $20 is The Daily Set, by The Ordinary. It includes only three or four items in deliberate, unassuming packaging that makes no mistake telling you how to use them. The vials are big enough to last a comfortable amount of time, but not quite big enough to scare you out of committing to your skincare. It is important to note that everyone’s skin reacts differently, and if this doesn’t give you the results you need, there’s no shame in testing what works best for you.
How The Ordinary perfected the art of medical minimalism | The Economist

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