Singing Valentines

The Perfect Valentines Gesture

  During February our choir sells singing valentines during lunch in the quad for $5. Singing valentines are when the choir goes from class to class singing songs to students. They can sing a song to your best friend, significant other,  or they can sing a song to you! The choir has a song selection of different romantic and funny songs to choose from. They go around campus on February 14th to visit classes and sing. Singing Valentines is hosted by both the men’s and women’s choir. They both have a set of songs from which you can choose.

   Singing valentines is a fun and cute way to say “I love you” without all the awkwardness. It is a romantic gesture they will never forget. You can also send a singing valentine to your friend as a way to tell them that their friendship means a lot to you. It doesn’t matter who it is for, the choir has your back. 

   If you don’t know what to get your friend as a gift, a singing valentine would be the perfect! Our choir consists of very talented singers willing to make Valentine’s Day a memorable holiday. 


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