Why Valentine’s Day is a Genuine Holiday

Valentine’s Day is always broadcast as an excuse for couples to celebrate their love, but Valentine’s Day is just like any other holiday; it has a deeper meaning than what is shown on the surface.  

   For those who celebrate Valentine’s Day, this holiday is something special to look forward to. It really is a wonderful excuse to have a day to appreciate someone special in your life; I, personally, associate Valentine’s Day with spending time with my mom watching movies, talking about our overflow of nostalgia, and giving heartwarming gifts that I still hold dear. 

   For those who are lonely on Valentine’s Day there is no better place to look than your family. A genuine, heartfelt gift given to someone special in your life and showing them how much they mean to you is the real meaning behind the holiday. The necklace my mom gave me on Valentine’s Day a year ago has always been a treasure in my life; I get sad whenever I take it off because it always reminds me of her.

     It’s also a great time to appreciate close friendships in your life; like having a girls day doing fun activities like watching horrible Rom-Coms and jamming out to some fun songs. I think one of the greatest things to do for Valentine’s Day is listen to a love song playlist.

   I think the time that Valentine’s Day was most impactful was during grade school with simple cards and candy being distributed to friends and kids in your class. That is something sweet that we can all remember and it really shows the true connections and meaning of Valentine’s Day. If you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to celebrate it, but for those who enjoy the holiday, it is something special. 



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