The Meaning Behind It All

  The show Euphoria had drawn over 2.4 million viewers to HBO. Euphoria was released on HBO by Sam Levinson with Executive Producer Drake and manager Future the Prince. This outstanding show is bold, dark, and intriguing. It is centered around a group of high school students that experience exaggerated problems and situations that include drugs, drinking, sex, identity, trauma, and more. 

   Euphoria is based on the Israeli television miniseries with the same name that was created by  Ron Leshem. The first season of Euphoria was released in July of 2019, which was scheduled to renew with a new season which came out on January 9th, 2022. This show is definitely for more mature audiences. It’s raw and honest, and portrays the difficulties of addiction and anxieties through multiple characters’ lives and specifically through the vantage point of Rue Bennet. 

  Rue, played by Zendaya, is constantly adding heartbreaking moments of levity to situations in and out of high school, as she struggles with addiction and the pursuit to feel something more. She narrates each person’s story, allowing for the viewer to feel for Rue, and those who are in the show. Jules, a transgender girl who is searching for where she belongs, Nate, a jock with anger issues and sexual insecurities, Chris, a high school football star who is struggling to find himself in college, Cassie, who constantly has her sexual relations following her, and Kat, a body-conscious teen who is exploring her sexuality. 

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