The Best Me Is Drug Free

Another Year Another EMTV Victory

   For the past five years, about every two years,  El Modena’s advanced film program has entered in the Elks Lodge Anti Drug PSA competition, and resulted in winning state 3 and 3 national titles. The theme of the Anti-Drug PSA was “The best me is drug free,” and our EMTV students immediately got to work. 

   Their storyline was about a happy family of three, who became not so happy once the mother passed away, and the father found fondness in alcohol, and was left to raise a daughter. 

   The well-loved song “Over the Rainbow ” from multiple artists was the song of choice for the video, and for the majority of the song, the cover by Israel Kamakawiwo’le was played. 

   The video was a progression of time from “Red Ribbon Week”, which advocates for the halt of drug abuse. The daughter, was played by Freshman, Mackenzie Brehm, and the father was played by a Vanguard parent, Matthew Boyd.    

   Brehm would dress up each day corresponding with a theme to ward off drugs during “Red Ribbon Week.” Every day after school, she would hand her father one of the famous Red Bracelets as a reminder to fight alcohol/drug abuse. From the start of the week, he wore it with sorrowful pride.

   As the week continued on, his intake of alcohol increased, he became intoxicated, and he slowly hid the bracelets in the glove compartment of the car. On the last day of Red Ribbon Week, he was thoroughly  drunk, and on the way home, he gets into a car accident. 

   Then the music changes to “Over the Rainbow,” sung by Judy Garland, played as the family gained new consciousness. As the glove box sprawled open and her hopes were found wasted. 

   After realizing that drug abuse hurt the one who loved him most, the father found a support group, titled, “The Best Me Is Drug Free.” The cycle has to end before it ends your life, and the best life is a drug free one. 

   EMTV made yet another chilling piece; they won the district plus county level and are waiting for the state results. El modena should be proud to have film students as skilled as theirs!



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