Re-living the Same Day for 10,000 Years

The Story of how People will Eventually Always Choose to do Good

   Groundhog Day is a movie that is based on the holiday that has the same name in which a cynical weatherman, Phil Connors, is trapped into reliving the same day over and over when he goes to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to report about the annual Groundhog Day celebration.

   Phil Connors at first uses his wits to act upon his selfishness such as stealing money from banks when he first started reliving the day and trying to win the heart of his producer, Rita. Though eventually he tries desperately to escape, he seems to keep repeating the same day over and over.

   It is then that Phil Connors starts to live his life for the better and devotes his life to helping others so he finally escapes his imprisonment and wins Rita’s affection. This movie teaches the importance of how individuals with free will, will choose redemption and goodness.

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