Heart-Shaped Cookies

Nothing Shows Sweet Love Like Heart-Shaped Cookies for Valentine’s Day

Heart-Shaped Cookies


-2 Packages of Refrigerated Pillsbury Cookie Dough (Sugar Cookie Flavor)

-1 Jar of Smucker’s Strawberry Jelly

-1 Jar of Smucker’s Cherry Jelly

-1 Container of Cool Whip Original

-1 Container of Smucker’s Chocolate Sundae Syrup


-Cut each piece of Sugar Cookie Dough into equally-sized heart shapes

-Cut small heart shape in middle of half of the cookies

-Follow baking instructions for Pillsbury Cookie Dough but ADD 5 minutes to suggested baking time

-Allow cookies to cool for 5 minutes

-Place down the cookies without middle heart shape

-Spread strawberry or cherry jelly over the cookies without middle hearts

-Place a cookie with middle heart over flat cookies

-Spread the Cool Whip over border of each top cookie

-Drizzle each cookie with Smucker’s Chocolate Sundae Syrup

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