Cheer & Pom Showcase

An Interview With A Junior and Senior on Their 2022 Pom & Cheer Showcase

Frontline: How did El Modena’s Pom and Cheer Showcase do?

Grace Russel (Junior): “It went well.”

Sara Najm (Senior): “Aside from cheer adapting to a fill in coach, we did really well and did a great job representing our school.”

FL: What was your favorite moment of the whole showcase?

GR: “Probably finishing our Pom routine in front of the whole crowd and finally feeling like we accomplished it.”

SN: “Hearing the crowd and everyone supporting us after finishing all the dances that we worked so hard on. I feel like especially after my solo, everyone was super supportive and understands that performing is not an easy thing to do.” 

Thank you to all the students that participated in this year’s showcase. 


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