A Winter Formal Dilemma

Should I Wear a Short or Long Dress to Winter Formal?

   Winter Formal season is upon us! As a formal dance, the dress code is expected to be formal, more formal than compared to Homecoming which where the dress code was semi-formal. The formal dress code leaves room for two kinds of dresses, long and short.

   Long dresses are customarily worn to Winter Formal, seeing as though they are the more formal choice out of the two options. Long dresses are typically midi length rather than maxi. Another benefit to a long dress is that it keeps you warmer than a short dress would.

   Short dresses, as long as they are formal, are another perfect choice. Winter formal is unique in that there are more choices in dress than Homecoming or Prom. The length is definitely the more unique choice, but executed properly and formally is something absolutely beautiful.

   No matter long or short, it should be about what you feel best in. It’s important to remember that a perfect dress is one you can dance in, an element that far exceeds the length of a dress.

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