The Exhilarating Week of Spirit!

What is Spirit Week? Why should you care?

   After the hectic 2020 school year, half of our El Modena campus has never experienced the joys of a true Vanguard Spirit Week. Spirit week takes place the first week of March every year and is an interclass competition for the best -you guessed it- spirit! 

   Each class chooses a theme, this year is as follows: Freshmen in the 2000’s,  Sophomores in Super Mario World, Juniors Inc. (inspired by Monsters Inc.), and Seniors in Radiator Springs (inspired by Cars). 

   The classes compete Monday through Thursday at lunch in themed speed or skill activities (similar to games at assemblies). On Friday of Spirit Week, the groups of students from each of the classes perform skits based off of their theme. After the assembly, everyone files into the quad where the different classes decorate areas and sell themed foods. 

   Each of the classes are graded on their building decorations, t-shirt design, skit, and cleanup. It is always exciting walking into school on the Monday of spirit week and seeing all of the hard work that has been put into the decorations. I can’t wait to see what the classes have in store!

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