The College Canvas – College Online?

Recent Surges of COVID Cases Resulted in Colleges Returning to Online Learning

   Due to the recent surge of COVID cases, most colleges and universities in California and other states pushed most (or all) classes back to online learning. This includes the UC system.

    Since the start of the semester, until January 31st, students attended classes online. When students returned to campus, a new protocol was enforced.

   Starting on January 3rd, students were required to provide proof of two vaccinations and the booster, with limited exemptions. Depending on the school, students must take COVID tests once around every 14 days.

   Those who aren’t vaccinated must take tests once around every 4 days. Once campus life starts back up, class sizes will be minimized. In UC Merced’s case, class sizes should not exceed 150 students.

   Some Cal States have announced that they will start their semester online, including CSU Long Beach, CSU Long Beach, CSU Channel Islands, CSU Sacramento, CSU San Francisco, CSU San Diego, CSU Fresno, CSU San Marcos, and CSU East Bay.

  The other Cal States have returned to school in person. There are some options for students to attend classes online remotely. At Cal State Fullerton, the online classes will be offered until February 6.

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