Ugly Christmas Sweater Season is Back!

How To Successfully Style Your Ugly Christmas Sweater This Season

Ugly Christmas Sweater Season is Back!

Red, green, and white; the perfect colors of any Christmas sweater, especially big and baggy ones. This is well represented in the picture of Miley Cyrus, pulling off this look perfectly. Even if the style is “ugly,” the look can be super trendy and cool! Big Christmas sweaters are warm, cozy, and stylish to wear during the cool holiday season. Pairing a scarf with this look bring out an entirely different and festive look.

Do you love the holidays but you like to keep it simple? Minimal patterns and Christmas colors are the perfect combination for a simple holiday sweater. Throw some nice jeans or leggings with warm boots, like Doc Martens. Put it all together, and you have a perfect fit for the season.

If you’re not a fan of a lot of color, then go for the grays, whites, and blues. These simple colors match together so well and can be worn with anything. It is so easy to match this sweater with blue jeans or grown sweatpants for the ultimate comfortable style.


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