Home Alone Reimagined

The Home Alone Remake, the Rebirth of a Franchise, or its Demise?


   On November 12, 2021, the new addition to the Home Alone series, Home Sweet Home Alone, was released. Nine years after the release of the last Home Alone movie this one should have made a splash and brought the franchise into a new wave of modern Christmas movies. 

   I’m not one to place classic movies on an unreachable pedestal and any remake or sequel that comes after is immediately disregarded. Sometimes remakes allow cherished classics to become more relatable for younger audiences who grow up in a different time. Home Sweet Home Alone tried to reach for that but failed.

The characters in the movie were far from memorable like Kevin McCallister or his brother Buzz from the original. While there were attempts to include heartwarming moments into the movie, none of them seemed to actually strike at any heartstrings in a meaningful way. On top of it all, it seemed all too modern. During the holidays we love feelings of warmth and comfort, that lovely cozy feeling, and that is what we want when we watch holiday movies. This movie with everything from our increasingly cold and bland modern world became too relatable and couldn’t bring that Christmas joy.

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