Face Your Fears in the Newest Installment of the Five Nights at Freddy’s Series

Getting in touch with the true roots of Christmas is no problem at all with a Birthday Boy Jesus sweater. Compliment the dark green tone with some chocolate brown cargo pants, and it may be wise to accessorize – think chains, pearls, or rings – to distract your friends from the abhorrent graphic that you, for whatever reason, felt inclined to willingly wear on your body.


Follow Kanye’s lead and keep it simple. Though still passing as an ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater, you can still look well put together in this navy snowman crewneck and leather pants. To replicate the same layering effect shown above, leave your white tee untucked for some colorful contrast around your waist.


For all the utilitarians that still care to enjoy a bit of festivity, check out this practical penguin sweater. Not only does it look adorable, but it has a pouch to hold your drink of choice. Because there’s already a lot going on up top, stick with some black pants and non-intrusive shoes.

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