Hallmark Christmas Movies

You Either Love Them or You Hate Them

   Ever wish to watch the same monotonous story over and over? Well, then the Hallmark channel is perfect for you! Even though I love a good Hallmark movie, it is a little too easy to pick them apart. 

   They are notorious for following the same storyline of romance and conflict which magically gets resolved with just enough time for their first kiss or a proposal. 

   Hallmark Christmas movies are always centered around a simple love story that tends to take place in a small town filled with holiday spirit and traditions. The films always find a way to incorporate a gingerbread house, cookie decorating, or a tree lighting ceremony. 

   Every year Hallmark produces one to four movies but this year is quite different. Hallmark announced that for 2021, they will be releasing forty-one new movies this holiday season. 

   As “cheesy” as these movies are, they do truly encapsulate the Christmas spirit. The holiday season would be strange without the comfort of gathering around the television with your family to watch a classic Hallmark movie. 

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