New Covid Concern

New Omicron Variant Spreads Worry Throughout the World


Variants seem to be coming out faster than we can keep up with. One of these variants that has recently scared and has continued to scare the public is the Omicron variant. Omicron poses as a dangerous variant as Omicron has a significant amount of mutations on the spike protein (the portion of the virus that enables it to infect human cells). Now, early reports of the Omicron variant have shown a greater chance that the public can contract it, especially unvaccinated individuals. Currently, the Omicron variant is proving highly contagious due to the multiple spike protein mutations. In terms of actually contracting the Omicron variant, symptoms of Omicron are (so far) leaning on the more mild side of sickness. Scientists hope to see this variant as less deadly, but with the high rate of infection, scientists worry that it may mutate into something more dangerous. The Omicron variant has even caused California and New York to reinstate indoor mask policies for safety. Vaccines are readily available for the public, but vaccine hesitancy has caused shaky vaccination rates in communities. If individuals are not vaccinated and a variant that proves to be highly contagious makes its way to these unvaccinated populations, then there is a higher probability that the virus will mutate into something even more dangerous. It is encoded in virtually everything on Earth to change. Viruses are no different, as they must evolve and change in order to successfully stay alive. Viruses like Covid-19 thrive in populations that do not possess antibodies (via vaccination or natural immunity) and fail to properly wear protective gear such as masks. If the public does not take proper precautions, a new variant will rise and Covid-19 will become even more dangerous.

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