Candy Cane Lane

A Real-Life Winter Wonderland

   As the Christmas season approaches, festive light displays featuring about 48,00 lights and decorations overflow a street nicknamed “Candy Cane Lane” located in Old Towne Orange. This magical experience is perfect to explore with hot cocoa in your hand surrounded by the people you love.

   When a house is sold on North Pine Street, the buyers are warned there are certain expectations they must meet during winter. The people who live on this joyful set of blocks adore their tradition and wish for all newcomers to feel the same way since all the houses are expected to participate in the over-the-top decorating.

   Crowds of people descend down the street amazed by the displays as several of the homeowners sit on their porch to greet the people. Many stop to take photos in front of their favorite houses or simply drive slowly down the street listening to Christmas music taking it all in. 

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