Memorable interviews

What’s Your Most Memorable Gift?


  • Elizabeth Cortez (12): “My second pair of Docs from my cousin are the most memorable gift I’ve ever received because I’d been wanting them for a while and it was so unexpected and I absolutely love Docs.” 
  • Madeline Conklin (12): “For Christmas a couple years ago, my mom got me a Kylo Ren lightsaber because she knows how much I love Star Wars and Adam Driver himself. Even though it’s a toy meant for kids, it still means a lot to me.” 
  • Cade Bates (9): “The most memorable Christmas gift I have received were custom shoes that I really liked. It was really memorable to me because I love shoes and it meant a lot to me that someone would get shoes for me.” 
  • Ashley Green (9): “The most memorable Christmas gift I’ve received is my first bike. It’s so memorable to me because I was able to ride around my neighborhood with my sister.” 
  • Mireille Reynoso (11): “Last year I got this gold heart necklace from my mom and it’s my favorite necklace and I wear it everyday.”  
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