I’m Feeling 2022

What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

A new year is a time for change, new beginnings, and most importantly a night for celebration. Here are some tips so that you can go into the new year looking your best. 

   A New Year’s party is the best excuse to wear something covered in glitter. Golds and silvers are fairly common colors for the holiday, in dresses, tops, and obviously jewelry. 

   A metallic top is best paired with a black pair of jeans, or for a more casual occasion, your favorite pair of blue jeans. 

   If you want to take a different route, I recommend sticking to the basics, black, white, and pale tones match well with the feeling of New Year’s Eve.

   My favorite New Year’s accessory is a themed headband, the more glitter and tinsel the better. 

   No matter what you wear, it should make you feel ready to take on the New Year in style. Happy 2022!

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