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Disney’s Hawkeye Is A Great New Addition to the MCU


With the release of Disney+, many hit shows have leapt into the hearts of viewers. Whether it was the fascinatingly vexing “Hex” in WandaVison,  the mischievously twisted plot of Loki, or the mind blowing possibilities of What If…?, Disney+ has cultivated some true wonders for its viewers. Now, the new Marvel series Hawkeye hits the screens of millions of Disney+ subscribers, viewers anticipate the next big step Marvel will make. Hawkeye viewers observe the mantle of Hawkeye slowly degrading as Clint Barton (Hawkeye) grows tired of his job. This is when professional archer, martial arts master, Hawkeye fanatic, and business prodigy; Kate Bishop is introduced. Clint Barton reluctantly takes her under his wing and eventually realizes her talent, acknowledging her as a potential replacement. Marvel Studios’s Hawkeye shows great promise and so far has delivered a show that organically introduces a fitting person to fill the place of a great hero that many people have grown to admire. With the addition of a “Tis’ the season” theme to the show, it is inevitable that heartwarming moments will transpire between the two heroines and Marvel will create another show that will reside strongly with its audience.

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