Christmas “Elf”isodes

TV Episodes You Should Binge Watch over the Holiday Season

  Nothing kicks off the holiday season like snuggling in from the “cold winter” and watching good tv shows while drinking hot chocolate. These are 6 holiday episodes that you will want to binge watch.

  1. A Benihana Christmas (Office) – Michael laments about his ex and flirts with the waitresses at Benihana’s with Jim, Dwight, and Andy as they get into their usual shenanigans at the office in Scranton.
  2. ‘Twas the Night Before Christening (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) – Will feels incompetent with his cousin’s lavish gifts that he claims to have brought Boys II Men to sing for the christening.
  3. Xmas Story (Futurama) – Fry misses his old Christmas traditions, but he is met with a big surprise as Christmas 1000 years in the future is a lot different than what he remembered.
  4. Abed’s uncontrollable Christmas (Community) – The gang at community are concerned with Abed’s mental health and wellbeing on Christmas as the episode is shown through Abed’s point of view in stop-motion vision.
  5. Christmas Guy (Family Guy) – Peter’s father-in-law cancels the annual Christmas carnival, so Peter tries his best to change his father-in-law from his scrooge personality into a hero.
  6. Tis the 15th Season (Simpson) – Homer disappoints his family on Christmas day when he buys an astrolabe instead of a tree so instead he attempts to steal Christmas all together.
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