Showcasing our Dancing Stars on the Stage


  On December ninth and tenth El Modena’s very own VDC, accompanied by the dance classes, put on a stunning display of skilled movements and innovative choreography. This is VDC’s first live show since Etoile two years ago, and followed necessary COVID safety measures while performing.

   This show had been in the works for months, and every dancer choreographed their own pieces to perform together. This stunning showcase also features students from the Dance 2 class, who were performing in two groups, each of which did two dances each both days.

   Finally, my personal highlights of the night! “Not a Fool,” choreographed by Kate Mayer, was a sassy, jazzy dance to “Careless Whisper by George Michael. Every dancer wore a medley of maroon, violet, and black which complemented the moodier tone of the song, as well as the movements themselves, which were slow and seductive.

   The classic piece performed by the whole of VDC every Etoile was breathtaking as usual. “Waltz of the SnowFlakes, Act 1 The Nutcracker” showed a dazzling array of glitter, multiple elongated pirouettes, and gorgeous choreo built around the centerpiece, namely the “Snow Queen.” This year’s Snow Queen was one of VDC’s best in my opinion; Sydney Robinson.

   To cut an incredible performance short, it was amazing. Everyone should watch this showcase as soon as you can, and if you missed it this year, come by next year for something destined to top even this year’s beauty.

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