A Frontline Christmas

What Christmas Means to Our Frontline Family



   The holidays are very important for people. It’s flying across the country to see family you haven’t seen in years. It’s showing the people you love how much you care. It’s having the whole family at one table eating together and forgetting all the family drama, for that one night. 

   The holidays more importantly means family. Family is not just the one you were born into, it’s the people who listen to you, help you, care about you, and take into consideration every doubt you have. That’s what Frontline is for me, they are my family, my second home. 

   The holidays for Frontline mean a lot. We gathered as a family, for Thanksgiving and had dinner, celebrating the release of our third issue that every single one of us worked so hard on. We gave thanks to everyone who has made our year special. Every one of us contributed to the Thanksgiving dinner.  

   Thanksgiving is a very special holiday for every family and Frontline made sure to contribute to each and every one of our holiday traditions. 

   As a family we help each other with every article that goes in each issue. We find answers to the questions. each one of us has. We work together to finish articles by the deadline. As we work on the articles, we listen to music and work diligently, laughing with each other.

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