The Wish Fairy Assembly

Cheer, Dancing, and Good Tidings all Brought to Life


   Prancing fairies, VDC, ASB, Cheer and Pom, as well as a special performance by the Varsity Boys Basketball team came together to produce an assembly in the hopes of sparking joy and holiday cheer in their fellow students. 

   But the lasting idea of this assembly was the Wish Fairies who wanted to present the love and support students have for one another. The anonymous wish fairies sparkled with their bunches of tutus and wings with a plan…

   They spent a week accepting gift requests from students. The gifts ranged from candy and flowers to Classic Vans, skateboard griptape, and even two laminated pictures of Blake Shelton

   After all the wishes were collected, the Wish Fairies collaborated with our ASB to create a skit and dances to appreciate El Modena’s kindness and represent school spirit. 

   The Wish Fairies got to work, and decided to sway to “Jingle Bell Rock” then switch it up and get sturdy with a Paramore remix of “Still Into You.” After showing off their unexpected moves, they gave the requested wishes to a handful of students, and smiles and laughs became the norm for the day. 

   And ASB decided that it would be fitting to use the Frozen franchise to symbolize perseverance in finding school spirit, or in this case, holiday spirit!

   Holiday spirit or even school spirit may be lost in the storm of finals, but the Wish Fairy assembly was a sweet reminder that our campus has plenty of love and support to go around, especially for this time of year. The Wish Fairies wish all a happy and safe holiday season!

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