Arcane by League of Legends

The Most Binge-Worthy Show of the Year


   Many people are holding out from watching this animated masterpiece for lack of knowledge about League of Legends, but not to worry, no former knowledge of League of Legends champions and lore is needed to thoroughly enjoy this amazing show. 

   The show was released in three acts, each consisting of three ~40 minute episodes and season two is set to release in 2023. In its first week on Netflix, Arcane got nearly 34.2 million viewing hours and dethroned Squid Games nearly two month stint as #1 on Netflix most streamed series. 

   Arcane follows sisters Vi and Powder (Jinx) and their battles with doomed fate and tragic circumstances in a corrupt city split between elite Piltover and the crime laden Undercity. While a knowledge of LoL is not needed to understand and enjoy the show, the little easter eggs and references to the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) certainly enhance the experience. 

   In my years of watching animated shows and movies, I can truthfully say that nothing compares to the mind-blowing animation and visual effects used by Fortische Productions and Riot Games in Arcane

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