Wish Fairy? What Wish Fairy? Who Wish Fairy?

Where There Is Passion There Is A Story

    What is the Wish Fairy? You may have seen some of our fellow vanguards dressing up like fairies and prancing around campus asking students what their wishes for their fellow vanguards are. The ish fairy is organized by ASB and for a week in December during lunch the Wish Fairy goes around campus giving slips to students so that they can write the name of someone they think should receive a gift during the Wish Fairy assembly. The gift can be a new binder, a notebook, or even a backpack. At the Wish Fairy assembly, over twenty vanguards will receive a gift from the Wish Fairy. As long as anyone can remember, the Wish Fairy has been around granting wishes. We love our Vanguard traditions and are so grateful to our giving community and especially ASB!

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