Deaf Football Team Dominates The Season

The California School for the Deaf Dominated Their Season After a Seven Year Losing Streak


What an amazing season for high school football. The California School for the Deaf’s varsity team made an astonishing 12-0 comeback after an embarrassing seven seasons of loss.  

   With their small roster of only 23 players, the Cubs formed a brotherhood. “We practice strong, we work together,” said wide receiver Enos Zornova in a CNN interview, “We’ve got this sense of brotherhood among us. We’re a family.” Their teamwork and support from their community made their game stronger. 

   With the help of their new coach, Keith Adams, who is also deaf, the team’s morale and hunger for victory grew. They had a new tactic; they used their communication to their advantage. “During games we’re able to throw out plays, exact plays,” says Zornova, “Hearing teams don’t understand what our plays are, what’s being shared on the field.” 

    With their string of wins, the team started getting noticed by the public and immediately developed huge support from fans all around the U.S. This support drove the team to their successful 12-0 lead and made it to the CIF. But their glorious season was cut short when the team lost their final game against Faith Baptist. 

   Though their season loss was heartbreaking, the team is looking forward to the next season with their heads held high. This is just the beginning. 

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